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Electrical Heavy-Up Service Upgrade Northern Virginia

Little’s Quality Contracting is a trusted name for residential electrical installations including performing heavy-ups to increase the power within your home.

Maintaining a proper electrical system is one of the most important things you can do to protect your family and investment. Out-dated electrical systems can become unsafe when they are pushed beyond the specifications they were designed to provide. Homeowners may also find that when they want to add additional circuit breakers they may not have enough amperage to drive the new installation. This is where Little’s Quality Contracting can lend a hand. We can determine if you need to upgrade your service to your home for anything you may want to add to your home’s electrical system.

Heavy-Up Service Upgrade
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Qualified Heavy Up Electricians Northern Virginia

Do you need an experienced and qualified electrician in Northern Virginia for an electrical service upgrade or heavy up?

Update Older Electrical Systems for More Power

It’s important to hire a qualified electrician when work is to be performed on your electrical service panel. Little’s Quality Contracting has the qualifications to get your job done right, on time, and at a competitive price. We have been serving Northern Virginia homeowners and businesses for over 10 years. Check out some of our recent customer reviews!

Electrical System Upgrade for Older Homes

If the electrical panel in an older home has not been updated since before 1994, it is likely time for an electrical service upgrade. Most residential electrical panels installed before 1994 are designed for only 60 -100 amps. An older electrical panel is just not capable of the electrical demand of homes today. Electrical services can be upgraded by a licensed electrician. When a homeowner wants to add a new electrical option for their home’s electrical system it can require more electrical power than is currently available. An excellent example would be a customer wanting to add a home charging station for a new electric vehicle. Let’s say they want to add a level 2 EV charging station, this installation will require adding a 50amp circuit breaker. This will most defiantly overload the current system. To correctly install the charger a Heavy Up or Service upgrade will be required. Electrical Service Size vs Load Calculator can be used to determine the service increase that will be required. If you have appliances, lighting, or electrical devices that require more power than what the electrical panel can offer, you will need to schedule a heavy-up electrical service upgrade. The good news is that Little’s Quality Contracting has the know-how to get the job done right and at a very competitive price.

Heavy Up Electrical Upgrade with Professional Installation

A heavy-up electrical service upgrade involves adding more power to your electrical panel capacity. By increasing the electrical supply to your home we can upgrade older smaller capacity breaker panels to 200 or 400 amps. This means larger cables are added to the electrical system in order to bring power to all of the various electrical devices inside of the home.

It is important to have an electrician complete this job because they are properly trained on how to run the necessary wiring for safely operating any new appliances being added with an electrical service upgrade. Heavy-up electrical service upgrades also ensure that all of your electrical appliances and devices will be running at peak performance without any disruptions, can effectively improve your satisfaction with these appliances and devices, and can increase your electrical bill.

Electrical Panel Upgrade and Replacement

In addition to providing a heavy up electrical service upgrade, our company also offers electrical panel replacements. Panel replacement in conjunction with a service upgrade is a no-brainer especially if the electrical panel of your home is located in an area of the home that is exposed to moisture or excessive heat. Moisture due to normal weather conditions increases the risk of electrical fires, which could result from a non-functional electrical panel. Replacing the existing panel with a new high-quality and code compliment unit will ensure your new electrical service will be top-notch.

Just like with a heavy up electrical service upgrade, replacing an electrical panel requires contacting an experienced electrician. Replacing an electrical panel will require cutting holes into ceilings and walls, running new electrical wiring, and testing electrical devices afterward. A professional will know how to complete this job safely, with the least amount of damage possible.

Surge Protection for Your Homes Electrical System

Another electrical upgrade you may consider is an electrical surge protector. Surge protectors are used for protecting electrical appliances like televisions, computers, gaming systems, washers, and dryers from electrical surges caused by storms or electrical malfunctions inside of your home. An electrical surge can be very harmful to these appliances because it could cause excessive heat which damages the appliance beyond repair faster than normal due to metal pieces melting together under high temperatures. It is especially important to have one installed because Northern Virginia sees frequent thunderstorms or during certain seasons and is prone to where there are electrical malfunctions that occur often.

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