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Trusted Residential Electric Backup Generator Installation and Repair

Little’s Quality Contracting is a trusted name for residential electrical backup generator installation. Never lose power again with an emergency backup generator when a power outage occurs. Home generators are powered by either natural gas or propane. In most cases, generators are installed using the already present gas supply to your home. When your standby generator is connected to your home’s natural gas you will have electric power as long as your home’s natural gas supply is not disrupted. Today’s Standby generators are smart and automatically turn on when they detect a power outage. Your home’s electrical system will switch on when the local power grid goes out and switch back once the power grid is back on. Standby power generators are available from units that can supply whole house power requirements or can be selected for just the basic needs of your home. Lq contracting can set up a free consultation and provide you with the best solution for a standby generator installation.

Residential Electrical Backup Generator
Residential Generator Panel

Professional Backup Generator Installation

The electricians at LQ Contracting will make sure that your new automatic standby generator is installed correctly and that it will meet all local building codes. Building codes will need to be followed for the installation location of the backup unit. Codes will also need to be met for all electrical wiring and panels including the all-important transfer switch. Rest easy during the installation as we will obtain all the necessary permits and meet with inspectors to obtain final approval of the installation from the local building department. Lq contracting installers are experienced and have the know-how to get the job done right.

Our team members are licensed insured professionals who offer personal service which ensures quality customer care in every aspect from choosing generators down to the final walk-through on the installations.

Automatic Power When The Power Goes Out

Electric Backup Generators are a must-have for homes that experience blackouts. They can provide peace of mind, knowing your family will always have power at their fingertips even if you’re not around! With modern generators come intelligence features like automatic switching over and turning on when lost in order to stay fully protected. Home standby generators are configured to run a periodic self-diagnostic test and some models can automatically give you an alert on your mobile phone and forward any error directly to our installation team. This way you can always be sure your generator is ready for the next power outage.

Selecting the Right Backup Generator for Your home

Choose the Best Brand

Finding the right system for your home begins by finding the right brand of a backup power generator. We offer installations of all the top brands of home backup generators, Choose from Generac, Briggs & Stratton, Honeywell, Kohler, and Cummins.

The next step in selecting your generator is to determine the size. You can choose to power your entire home or power the basic essentials. Generators come in all sizes, and the bigger the system, the more it will cost. Ultimately your decision will be made with a balance of budget and system size.

Selecting the Electrical Output Size

Power generators have sizes in kW and KW. A kW generator produces 100 Kilowatts a day. An electrical installation specialist will advise you on the correct Generator Size after calculating the anticipated electrical load. A standby generator may connect any electrical circuit or a small number of electrical components to a house. Examples of commonly used essential circuits include refrigerator/freezer kitchen containers, light circuits, and a few auxiliary circuits and auxiliary circuits.

Choose the Installation Location

Since engines release toxic gases called carbon monoxide during combustion, it is essential to place the unit properly where the system should be. When planning the locations of your generator installation, always check your generator’s instructions. A distance between five and 10 feet is recommended, especially on doors and windows. Check the surface level to keep it from flooding trees or vegetation. Try installing generators in proximity to a gas meter. This reduces gas flow, saves materials costs, and reduces friction losses, which can decrease gas pressure.

Prepare the Generator Base

It will be a major goal to prepare a generator base in order to minimize noise and maintain its levels. Some homeowners prefer concrete elasticity; this should be poured insufficient time for its proper drying before installation day. However concrete is expensive and conditions must be perfect. Then there is the prefab generator pad. Put pea gravel into the location where you will install your generator and level the area. Use four bags of gravel to ensure that the floor surface remains level. Once you put down the pea gravel you have the option of adding the generator pad. It gives your generator extra soft and flat surfaces.

Transfer Switch Installation

Our installation service will include the installation of the electrical transfer switch. Typically the transfer switch will be installed in a location that makes sense. Transfer switches will be installed in an electrical box that may be located next to your main panel or can be installed next to the power meter on the exterior of the home. Every installation has its unique variables to consider and we will recommend the best location based on your situation. The Transfer switch can be installed as a whole house generator installation or as a standby system for basic needs. The transfer switch will be installed in a few different configurations depending on your power requirements. The existing electrical system may need to be divided into a sub-panel that separates essential from non-essential circuits to a series of breakers on its own electrical panel. Depending on your installation specifications we will design a switch installation that meets your needs and is installed with permits and inspections to ensure a proper and safe installation.

Portable Power Generator Installation

 If your looking for a more affordable option for backup power during a power outage, installing a portable electric power generator may be the solution. To connect a portable generator to your home we will need to install a manual transfer switch. We will need to consider where will be the best place to set your portable generator during an outage. Once this is decided we will install a power inlet where you can then connect your portable generator. A power transfer switch will be installed on the inside of the home next to the main panel. We will then configure the switch to power vital circuits. Call us for a free estimate and consultation for installing a portable generator as a home standby generator.

The electricians at LQ Contracting will make sure that you choose an electrical backup generator tailored specifically for your needs.

Our team members are licensed insured professionals who offer personal service which ensures quality customer care in every aspect from choosing generators down through daily operations so they can be running smoothly when needed most during emergencies.