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Outlets Electrical Contractor Northern Virginia

Outlets electrical contractor Northern Virginia installs outdated electrical outlets. There are many different types of outlets you will find in your Northern Virginia home. Most homes built in northern Virginia include about 60-70 electrical outlets. Most of which of these outlets are a standard 15 amp three prong outlet. If some of the outlets in your home are not working Little's Quality Contracting can repair these dangerous outlets. Many of the homes in Northern Virginia have faulty electrical outlets. We have master electricians that can repair these non working outlets. Most of the time a permit is not required to do this type of electrical work. With our 15 years of experience we know how to get your non-working electrical outlet up to code.

What Are The Different Types Of Electrical Outlets?

  1. As mentioned earlier, the standard electrical outlet is a 15 amp three prong outlet. Three prong means it is grounded.
  2. 125 volt 20 amp outlet is typically used for two power kitchen appliances that require more amperage
  3. 250 V 20A outlets that include heavy load appliances, and maybe even power air-conditioners.
  4. Another outlet type includes tamper resistant receptacles. An internal power source can be utilized to restrict the entry of a foreign object. This is found in many of the codes of Virginia.
  5. GHIC electrical outlets are often referred to as a ground fault circuit interupter. When remodeling a basement crawl space, these GHIC electrical outlets are required by not only the electrical code of Virginia but the NFPA 70 (National Electric Code) better known as NEC
  6. AFCI electrical outlets are typically used in areas such as laundry rooms, bedrooms, and for appliances that tend to overheat. Little's Quality Contracting is familiar with these types of electrical outlets and how to not only repair and install this type of electrical outlet.
  7. Switched electrical outlets are all the rage when it comes to the green community. We install switched electrical outlets in many Virginia homes because of their energy efficiency. If you have an appliance plugged in and they are not working, the switch control will stop the electrical outlet from producing electricity, saving you money on your electric bill.

If You Are Selling Your Home In Northern Virginia Are Your Electrical Outlets Are Up To Code

If you're thinking about selling your home in Northern Virginia you need to make sure that all of your electrical outlets are in tip top shape. This may include loose outlet covers, non working non-working electrical outlets, no GFCI outlets in bathrooms, and kitchens. These home inspectors look for these problematic issues in your home report.Little's Quality Contracting is an expert in repairing not only these types of outlets to current codes. We also can fix unpermitted work that has been done to your northern Virginia home that will bring it up to current code standards. We are experts in fixing all types of electrical outlet problems that you may have in your current home you want to sell. Reach out to us and we will help you sell your home quickly, if it has electrical outlet problems.