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Electric Panel Recalls

If you’ve been following the news lately, you may have heard about a number of electrical panel recalls.  The problem is the breakers in the panels have been shown to have a problem with overheating. Another big problem with these electric panels is that the breakers fail to properly trip when a circuit is overloaded. Breaker failure and overheating can cause fires or electrocution.  Even if your system appears to be in good working condition you may have a panel that has been identified as having a significant risk of failing.     

Electric Panel Recalls

The Most Dangerous Electric Panels

Do you know if your electrical panel has been recalled? It’s a question that a lot of people are asking lately, as several major brands of panels have been called back by the government. If you have one of these panels in your home, it’s important to take action and get it replaced as soon as possible.

The following companies have announced voluntary recalls on their electric panels: Federal Pacific Electric, Zinsco, and Challenger. For more information visit the links below for details about these specific products that may be impacted by this issue

Federal Pacific Electric Panels (FPE)

If your home was built between 1950 and 1990 you should check your electric panel and see if it was manufactured by Federal Pacific. The Stab-Lock breakers that were installed in these panels have been identified as a fire and electrocution hazard.   ⇒ Read More

Zinsco Electric Panels

If your home was built in the 70’s you should look and see if your panel is Labeled as Zinsco. These panels have been linked to fires and electrocutions.   ⇒ Read More

Challenger Electric Panels

Challenger electric panels installed in homes from 1980 to 2000 have also been a source of safety hazards.  Some of these panels were sold under the name GTE-Sylvania.   ⇒ Read More

How to Identify Your Electrical Panels Manufacurer and Breakers

We recommend that you check your home’s breaker panel and look and see if it has a label indicating it was manufactured by either Federal Pacific, Zinsco, or Challenger.

You can usually identify your electrical panels and breakers by looking at them. Just locate your electric panel and open the door. On the inside of the electric panel, there is typically a label that should have the information you need. 

Insurance Company Home Inspections

When obtaining a new policy your provider may inspect your home and uncover electrical problems that need to be fixed or the policy will be voided.  As a homeowner, your insurance coverage assumes that you are maintaining your home including your electrical system. If you have identified a recalled panel in your home you should obviously take immediate action and replace the defective equipment.    

Residential Electrical Safety Inspections

Electrical recalls are one of many reasons why it’s a great idea to Have a periodic electrical inspection by a qualified electrician like Little’s Quality Contracting.  Identifying and remediating dangerous conditions within your home is a great idea. If you planning on buying, selling, or renting your home you can rest easy knowing your transaction will go smoothly.  But most important is your family and tenants will be safe.  

Free Estimate for Replacing Recalled Electrical Panels

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