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Commercial Electric Panel Installation Upgrade & Repair

Trusted Commercial Electric Panel Installation, Upgrade and Repair

Little’s Quality Contracting is a trusted name for commercial electrical panel installation, upgrade, and repair. Your commercial property’s electrical panel is the most important component of the electrical system. This is where the main power is connected and distributed throughout the property. It’s important to hire a qualified electrician with experience in commercial properties.

Commercial Electrical Repair
Commercial Electric Panel Installation
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Qualified Commercial Electricians

Licensed and insured, our team of electricians is experienced in all aspects of commercial electrical panel installation and repair. We can repair, wiring, outlets, lighting, service panels, circuit breakers, backup electric generators, and vehicle charging stations. We provide fast and reliable service by licensed electricians.

Electric Panel Installations and Upgrades

There are many reasons to install a new electric panel in your business. We install electric panels for new construction, tenant finish, and building maintenance. So if you are a property owner or manager we are here to help. Whether you’re building or remodeling, chances are you will need some type of installation or upgrade for your electrical system. You can contact us and we will analyze your needs and determine the best installation options so we can provide you with a detailed proposal for all electrical work.

Electric Panel Repairs and Troubleshooting

If your electrical panel is in need of repairs, our team is ready to help you resolve the problem.

Perhaps you or your tenants are tired of breakers tripping way too often, or maybe you’ve noticed that things don’t look right. If there is evidence of impending problems. It’s important to not ignore these warning signs. We strongly encourage you to take corrective action to prevent a catastrophic situation like a fire or electrocution.

Even if things look good, there may be problems. Many parts of your electrical system are hidden behind walls and to the untrained eye, it may be difficult to know if your electrical system is in good shape. This is why we recommend a periodic inspection so that any problems can be identified and repaired. We recommend having a periodic commercial electrical inspection to ensure your property’s electrical system is in top running condition.

Our Commitment to Safety

The safety of your tenants and clients is our top priority. We are committed to only installing the best electrical parts by licensed electricians. Our electricians will always follow local building codes and regulations and will obtain permits and inspections when required. Providing professional electrician services is our business, the safety of our customers is our top priority.